FIFA Coins – Top Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Marco Hogge

Having coins is necessary if you want to enjoy FIFA games. However, it becomes a problem when you don’t know of certain mistakes that should be avoided when you want to buy fut coins. This is why this article was put together. Going forward, you will learn the simple steps that you can employ to buy new FIFA coins.

List of Mistakes to Avoid When Buying FIFA Coins

The following are the top mistakes to avoid when buying FIFA coins;

1. Do not pick the Wrong ultimate Cards

As the years go by, there tend to be brand new versions of FIFA. This is one major reason people love it. As a football fan, it’s difficult to wait for a new FIFA version in the next year. This is often because the newer versions get more interesting than its previously released ones. What to do? When you are creating a new team, ensure not to apply wisdom and choose your cards rightly, or be at risk of losing.

2. Avoid Buying FUT Coins and Its Placements

A lot of people go for online matches head-on the moment after purchasing their FUT coins. This isn’t advisable as these placements have a way of determining the tanks that each of the coins would remain. The best thing to do is to properly aim for the higher division as it’s a better way of gaining tons of rewards.

If the placements get into the second division, and you would need about 1024 credits to start. Using this amount, you can accurately build the right team. In other words, be patient, and wait for your placements to gather.

3. Selling All the Great Players in Your Ultimate Team Card isn’t advised

After you purchase you brand new game packs, you should not hurriedly sell all your beautiful players. For example, in November and December in the year 2019, Rashford and Sissoko who are both fantastic players, were around 10k during their first week. But around the third week, their price increased to about 50k.

For you to enjoy all of these benefits, you need to be patient and wait for a stable market before you sell your beautiful players in a hurry. It would be best to gather lots of players if you haven’t before you go selling the awesome ones.

5. Deliberate Attempts to Avoid Mistakes

Lastly, ensure to go with the flow of the game. When you start making conscious efforts at avoiding mistakes, you tend to err a lot. You only need to place the focus where it’s needed, try out different strategies, and you will be good!


As you go shopping for FUT coins, you need to be careful. Don’t just go around looking for anyone or any player to buy or sell. You need to know those who are in a transaction with you. So if anything goes wrong at any point in time, you know who to hold accountable. That’s another mistake you should try your best to avoid.

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