How to Buy the Right Portable Laptop Battery

by Marco Hogge

If you’re looking to Achat batterie PC portable, one thing you must know is that just like most batteries out there, a portable laptop battery will most likely storing its charge. When this happens, the next thing is to look for a way to replace or fix them even though it may take some years for a battery to get to this stage.

In case your portable laptop battery has gotten to this stage, you need to check and see the kind of batteries that you should purchase, depending on the kind of laptop you own. Usually, buying directly from the laptop company is recommended. But since most people would rather stick to buying from laptop stores, this piece was put together to give clear hints on how you can buy the right portable laptop battery!

Portable Laptop Battery: How to Purchase a Good One

Since it’s quite difficult to spot authentic laptop batteries especially while purchasing from regular stores, here’s what you need to know about finding and purchasing quality ones!

1. Observe Closely

One quick way to find out the sort of battery you own switch off and disconnect your laptop. This will enable you to detach your battery and observe it closely. A lot of batteries out there comes with some information printed on their body. This information may include battery type, model number, part number, voltage, and charging current.

Once you’re done checking this set of information, you will need to store them in a place that you can easily access them when you get to your store. This will help you make the right decision!

2. Software

Unlike what most people think, most laptop batteries are difficult to remove. This is why some third-party software is made available to help you detect and determine the exact type of battery that should be put into your laptop. Some of this software can include; Notebook Hardware Control and Battery Care. They are both free and can provide you with detailed information on your PC battery, helping your search for a replacement easily.

3. Find out the PC Maker

The safest thing to do in your quest for a new portable laptop battery is to consult the PC Maker. This is mostly because batteries gotten from other sources may come with limited or no warranties. They may not even be put through vigorous testing before you buy them and this is risky. Batteries tend to explode if they are fake; this is dangerous and most common with batteries from unbranded batteries.

While you turn to the PC maker, ensure that you visit their website before making your order. This will enable you to prevent cases of buying a recalled battery and help you make only the correct decisions.


Buying a good battery is one of the primary concerns of every PC owner. In this piece, you get to see several assured safe ways that you can go about purchasing your laptop batteries.

So make you get a new portable laptop battery as soon as you can.

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