How to Earn More Money in RuneScape

by Marco Hogge

RuneScape game uses OSRS Gold as its main currency. Players can choose to sell or buy the gold to fulfill specific needs in the game. Earning money fast is an excellent possibility for experienced players. Non-members find it hard to make fast due to the lack of skills required to be applied in the game. Some mini-games, tasks, and quests are also necessary for the money-making process. In this write-up, we look at ways of making money in RuneScape.

Ways of Making Money in RuneScape

Making money in OSRS is easy when you have learned the essential skills applied in the game. However, it takes time to master them, then use them to earn money fast. There are several ways of acquiring gold, such as;

1. Mining

It is the most basic way to earn money in RuneScape. It is easy to get both money and experience by mining coal or iron ore at lower levels, ideal for beginners. For experienced players, i.e., members, and non-members, mining of adamant ore and mithril are the best ways to make money. From level 85 and above, the runite becomes accessible. Members have access to multiple runite mining areas, while non-members are limited to the wilderness. Runite, adamant ore and mithril respawn slowly, so players should mine as much as they can in a short time.

2. Fishing

The method is to master and use easily. It involves catching and selling fish to make profits. The fish is sold raw, but players with Cooking experience can cook it and sell it. Having this experience puts the players at a higher level since they can make more money quickly. Fishing is done near banks in the fishing Guild and Caterby. Non-members gain profits from fishing lobsters and swordfish, which are found only in Karamja. Members can fish for monkfish after completing the Swan Song quest.

3. Smithing

The skill is tedious and needs extra effort and time to make lots of money, like a steel bar for 550-600K. After getting the ore, you melt them in a furnace to form bars. Smelting and selling of steel bars are good ways for non-members to learn the skill. Members always have an added advantage as they get extra bonuses. They get Ammo Mould after completing the Dwarf Cannon quest. They make more money by acquiring four cannonballs from a single steel bar selling each at 150-200K. An option for smelting iron is also available for those below this level.

4. Wood Cutting

It is a popular way for non-members to make money and gain woodcutting experience. It involves cutting trees and logs whereby regular cut trees and logs are sold for so much money. At level 85 and over, Magic logs become accessible, but you may take too much time looking for one. Willow, yew, and oak logs are readily available for non-members. At level 95, members can cut down Elder trees which makeover 600K worth of gold every hour.


The points listed above are the primary ways of earning money in RuneScape for beginners and veteran players and members and non-members. Players are placed on a different level and work their way through. Developing and improving your skills is the only way you can be sure of making more OSRS Gold.

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