Introducing Huawei Site Kit in HMS Core 5.0

by Marco Hogge

Have you ever been lost before? Or search for a specific place all in vain? It’s an experience that you definitely don’t want to experience, and if you’re looking to visit a completely new place, then this is your perfect moment to plan ahead.

First, you must have thought about having an application in your Android to help you figure out those places. That’s a good way to start things off, but still, you can do better. So, are you looking to have a location search feature for that application in your Android? Or are you interested in having an API with necessary geolocation data? The answer is simple; you only need the Huawei site kit¬†for your Android application.

Undoubtedly, collecting data from various locations can be tiresome, and the Huawei site kit comes of handy in such scenarios. It does all your hard work.

So, what makes the Huawei site kit so good?

The various impressive features with the Huawei site kit makes it one of the best to have around with your app. For instance, it provides a one-stop option when searching with SEO optimization. It means that all the words and places you search will be auto-corrected.

Moreover, it provides you with the addresses and names of the place and offers complete details of the places like comments and reviews. You’ll be able to see all the nearby places based on your current location.

Some of the other best benefits that you can get while using the Huawei site kit include;

Multilanguage API

Sometimes most users will have trouble when using an API as a result of the language barrier. However, with the Huawei site kit, the language barrier is not a concern any more thanks to more than 13 languages available that include; Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, and English.

Therefore, one can easily search place in almost any country, meaning your application can be developed in a way for comfortable search services.

Moreover, the fact that the kit offers global coverage of more than 200 countries means that you can get information for almost every place. No matter where you are, the application will be in use; you only need to install the API, and then the Huawei site kit will do the rest.

Massive Database

One thing is for sure, collecting data for relevant places can be a daunting task. However, the task is never overwhelming anymore, thanks to the Huawei site kit that provides information for more than 150 million places that are kept in its database. You simply name the area, and then all the data related to the area is displayed in a blink.

User’s Time Zone

Huawei site kit also has a feature that will tell the user’s time zone. You’ll only have to type the region or the city, and you’ll be notified of the time no matter the location. Your app will spread quickly across the globe as various individuals can be able to use the app seamlessly.

Therefore, long gone is the time for going around looking for data of places. All your app needs is an API, and you’re good to go.

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