Pros of Using Huawei Account Kit that You Can’t Resist

by Marco Hogge

As a developer, the one thing that should be on your mind is creating an app that has an easy user interface, and this is what the Huawei Account Kit can help you do.

Many people don’t understand how important an account kit is.

Technology has seeped so much into every part of our lives that there isn’t any human activity that doesn’t use a technological device or software. As more researches are done and discoveries are made, the number of things we can do with our phones automatically increases.

There are so many apps in our phones or app gallery that it may be difficult to keep track of all of them, and you’re likely to add more apps if phone or memory card storage permits. Each of these apps is competing for attention.

What can prevent users from having the best app experiences?

It’s usually the time-consuming and exhausting login and registration processes. There are also the issues of transfer of account information and its storage.

So, how can Huawei Account Kit help with these?

 This account kit helps developers protected, simple, and fast authorization functions. When you integrate the Huawei Account kit, users can log into their applications using their Huawei ID. This procedure helps developers know their target market and help users effectively in the face of other competitors.

Still not convinced?

Let’s look at the advantages of using Huawei Account Kit over others, and why you should use it.

Reasons why you should use the Huawei account Kit over others

a. It’s reliable, secure, trustworthy and dependable

Is it truly all these?

Yes, and more.

This is one of the safest account kits you can ever find. Why?

The Huawei Account kit uses the two-factor authentication method of verification code and password. It now follows a due encrypted process that makes sure that all users are secure when they log in, and still follow all global privacy regulations.

It helps to ease the stress developers have when it comes to data security and management.

b. It has a wide audience reach

At the end of the third quarter of 2019, Huawei’s mobile phone user base grew to over 570 million worldwide. Then, the users with an active Huawei ID grew to over 250 million. The company has products and offers services to over 170 countries across the globe, so the number of applications that can be accessed through the account kit is over 5000.

This large user base provides a fertile ground for developers to gain massive users worldwide. Once they integrate the account kit, they can tap into the international market.

c. One-click login

When a developer integrates the Huawei Account Kit, he/she doesn’t have to go through the stress of verifying email addresses, setting passwords, or filling personal information. They can just log in with one click when they input their Huawei ID.

If a user opens the app for a second time, he/she doesn’t need to do secondary authorization. This simple process is so effective and it quickly increases the conversion rate.

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