Steps To Follow When You Buy OSRS Gold Safely

by Marco Hogge

If playing Runescape has been your thing, the you understand how crucial OSRS golds are when chasing that win and game progress. It lets you build towers and unlock new possibilities. While you can mine this gold in the game, there comes a time where you need to buy OSRS Gold. The main reason for this being, you do not have enough gold with you. Many people trade in OSRS gold, and all you need to do is get to talk with them and trade.

Here are some of the ways you can ensure you stay safe while trading gold with these traders.

1. Keep your account details private

One of the most vital things you need to ensure you do is keep your account safe. Do not go through the trouble of reaching out to a trader then giving out your account details. Since this is an anonymous transaction, you need to give the seller your username, and they will send you the gold. Details like your password or your real name are not necessary for this transaction.

2. Ask around from other players

 There is a chat spot for you to meet up and talk to other players, and you can use this to your advantage. Talk to the players and find out if they have received gold before. They can give you pointers on who sells legit gold for the game and contact them. It also works to review the traders in the game and do not work with anyone who has received negative reviews. Chances are you will lose your money.

3. Communicate outside the game

RuneScape does not permit the buying and selling of gold in the game. If you get caught, you might have your account closed down. The only way to get the gold without facing the risk of your account closing down is through talking on private chat. Your account chat should stay strictly for gaming and exchanging ideas with other payers.

4. Get a safe payment method

The most important thing you need to do is ensure you are sending money through a safe payment method. If you feel like the site you are using for payment is not safe, then it is recommended that you sign out of it immediately. If you are skeptical about using your personal bank or credit details, then it is recommended that you use cryptocurrency. It is private, and there is very little chance of your accounts being hacked into. While some sellers do not use cryptocurrency, most of them are slowly embracing it as a mode of payment so take advantage of it.

5. Get a genuine trader

 There are situations where your account does not get shut down, but the trader does. In such an event, it means all the gold you had bought from them might disappear from your account. Ensure you deal with a trader who has been in the business for long. It will ensure that you do not lose your gold and money at the same time.



Runescape gold is a game that anyone can play without any issue. Getting the gold will ensure that you can play the game smoothly and not wait for your gold to fill up. Reach out to a trader any day and buy the gold to keep playing.

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