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Welcome to Rumi’s Market, Ohio’s largest and finest International / Mediterranean market that specializes in food and products from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent.


The grocery section has a huge selection of international and ethnic items including candies, nuts, jellies, pastas, spices, rice, pickles, vegetable oils and olive oil.

Food Court

Hot meals are served daily, including lunch and dinner in the food court. In addition, there are daily hot food specials. Chicken, beef, lamb, sea food and a wide selection of vegetable dishes are cooked from fresh ingredients daily to serve your needs.


The Deli section has a wide variety of cold cuts including corned beef, smoked turkey, bologna, sausages and salami as well as an assortment of salads, subs, and sandwiches. Everything is prepared fresh daily.


For special events, such as dinners, parties and meetings, our food court can accommodate upward of 100 people or we can serve you at a location of your choice. We currently cater Turkish, Iranian, Arabic, Indo-Pakistani, and mainstream American cuisine. You may contact our food court manager @ 216.229.7864 for further details. He can also help you plan your event or help you with food services depending on your needs and preferences.


The In-store bakery daily creates a variety of freshly baked goods along with cakes and pastries. Specialty, ethnic, and artisan breads are baked on a regular basis in our own ovens.